Cross Framework Control

Control serves as the interpretation layer between your organization and complicated compliance frameworks.

The Control Solution Suite

Control helps you easily centralize governance and automatic enforcement of multiple security certifications and privacy standards.

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SOC 2 is a great starting point for many businesses for its wide organizational coverage and modular format. Control can achieve types 1 & 2.

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ISO 27001 is one of the most widely known compliance standards in existence. ISO is often targeted for international business and well rounded protection.

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PCI compliance exists to protect global payment data. PCI is essential for any business dealing with credit card numbers. Integrating with VGS Vault completes this standard.

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Developed by VGS with our audit partners, the Security Foundations controls offer essential early guidance for startups.


Well known to any healthcare technologists, HIPAA is required for storing and maintaining sensitive patient data. This data can also be aliased with VGS Vault.


Essential for any company doing business in Europe, GDPR provides a robust framework for European data privacy.


CCPA is often called the GDPR of California, and likely soon the rest of the US. CCPA maintains strict requirements for data privacy for users in California.

Achieve multiple compliances, fast

As many as 80% of security controls overlap across multiple frameworks. Control's cross-framework mapping allows your team to work faster without redundant work. The full power of Control lies in automating multiple compliances at once.

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VGS-1 Code of Conduct

Employee Handbook

Onboarding Process

Acceptable Use Policy

Ethics Policy

VGS-23 Network Security

Network Firewalls



Traffic Whitelisting


Prod Environments

Code Reviews

Protected Branches

CI/CD Process

VGS-39 Passwords

Password Policy

Complex Passwords

Session Timeouts

Account Lockouts

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